Kuijken, Barthold: The Notation Is Not The Music

Kuijken, Barthold: The Notation Is Not The Music

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Reflections on Early Music practice and performance von Barthold Kuijken. Geschrieben von einer führenden Persönlichkeit der Barockmusikszene, gibt das Buch wertvolle Einblicke in die historische Aufführungspraxis. Essenziell für Musiker und Liebhaber – Topseller. 128 S., englisch, Hardcover, gebunden. Indiana University Press 

“His book is an eminently readable compendium of information invaluable to anyone interested in knowing how Mr. Kuijken and other skilled, historically-informed interpreters of Baroque music arrive at their conclusions. His inspiring, carefully-researched work is at once insightful - a comprehensive exploration of source material - and provocative, challenging tradition and posing questions for readers to answer for themselves.“ Stanley Ritchie