Schwindl, Friedrich (1737–1786): Sonata A Major

Schwindl, Friedrich (1737–1786): Sonata A Major

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for viola da gamba, violino, & basso, first edition, edited by Thomas Fritzsch and Günter von Zadow. Friedrich Schwindl was a very well-known composer in the eighteenth century. Among others he was active in Brussels, London, Paris, The Hague, Zurich, and Geneva and published fifty instrumental pieces. The author and composer Christian Friedrich Daniel Schubart wrote: “Schwindel, a popular and famous violinist throughout Germany. He does not compose weightily, but all the more appealingly for amateurs. His playing is fluent, and his spirit attuned to sweet melancholy: accordingly, he became a favorite composer for the sect of the sensitive.” Ledenburg-Sammlung, Edition Güntersberg

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