Wagner, Richard (1813-1883): Der Ring des Nibelungen - "Siegfried"

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The Nibelung’s Ring transposed and edited as orchestra studies for bass trumpet in C by Prof. Martin Göß and Franz Biersack. Complete orchestra parts with many (additional) cue notes and key words. They are ideal for preparation and studies at music school.

"Der Druck ist sehr gut lesbar und übersichtlich. Durch diese neuen Ausgaben werden die Stimmen zwar nicht leichter, aber diese Hefte können sicherlich vielen eine Hilfe sein." DAS SCHALLSTÜCK, 4/1994

"Those of us who occasionally visit the murky depths of bass trumpet playing will be grateful for these complete parts... I can only congratulate the compilers on such a thorough labour of love... They have spared no effort in being thorough and helpful." THE TROMBONIST (GB), 3/1994


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