Bertali, Antonio (1605-1669)/Rittler, Philip Jacob (1638-1690): Tausend-Gulden-Sonate
- for 5 (2 vl, 3 viols & b. c.)

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for 2 violins & b. c., edited by Dr. Konrad Ruhland. The Tausend-Gulden-Sonate (Thousand-Gulden-Sonata) is one of the most remarkable and most beautiful works of Bertali which is handed down in three different versions (Uppsala, Kremsier and Paris): for 3 parts in F major (Bertali), for 5 parts in D minor (Rittler/Bertali) as well as for 6 parts in F major (Bertali). The authorship of the 5-part-sonata (EW780) is unclear until today although most hints account for Rittler. Series Musica Speciosa


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