Benda, Franz (1709–1786): 12 Sonatas for Violin solo and Basso, Volume IV

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for violin & b.c., edited after the Dresden manuscript of J.G. Pisendel. Franz Benda, who was concertmaster of the court music chapel of Frederic II, composed more than 100 sonatas for violin. All autographs are lost. Only several manuscripts of different copyist exist. This edition is based on the copy of J.G. Pisendel. Edition Offenburg

Volume IV
10. Sonata in Es : Lee III-36, Mus. 2981-R-16 ((Adagio) – (Allegro) – Allegro moderato)
11. Sonata in D : Lee III-19, Mus. 2981-R-19 (Adagio – Allegro – Allegro)
12. Sonata in f : Lee III-73, Mus. 2981-R-17 (Andante – Allegro – (Presto))

Volume I
1. Sonata in G : Lee III-77, Mus. 2981-R-2 (Largo – Allegro ma non molto – Presto)
2. Sonata in A : Lee III-95, Mus. 2981-R-5 (Adagio un poco andante – Allegro ma non molto – Allegro)
3. Sonata in F : Lee III-69, Mus. 2981-R-11 (Adagio – Allegro ma non molto – Vivace)

Volume II
4. Sonata in G : Lee III-76, Mus. 2981-R-3 (Adagio – Allegro – Allegro)
5. Sonata in E : Lee III-47, Mus. 2981-R-9 (Adagio – Allegro ma non molto – Allegro)
6. Sonata in b : Lee III-138, Mus.2981-R-23 (Largo – Allegro – Presto)

Volume III
7. Sonata in E : Lee III-55, Mus. 2981-R-10 ((Siciliano) – Allegro – (Tempo di menuetto))
8. Sonata in B : Lee III-130, Mus. 2981-R-14 (Adagio – Allegro – Vivace)
9. Sonata in F : Lee III-70, Mus. 2981-R-12 (Arioso poco andante – Allegro ma non molto – Allegro)