Kennis, Guillaume Gommar (1717–1789): Six Sonates à Violon seul et Basse continue, Op. 3
– Volume I

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for violin solo & b.c. Kennis must have been a virtuoso violin player; nevertheless he felt in oblivion after his death. He had been chapelmaster at the Sint Pieterskirche at Löwen for forty years. His violin sonatas are in the style of Somis and Tartini and technical sophisticated. Edition Offenburg

Volume I
Sonata I in E (Adagio Cantabile – Andante – un poco Allegro)
Sonata II in C (Largo Cantabile – Allegro – Allegro moderato)
Sonata III in D (Largo – Allegro – Menuet)

Volume II ...
Sonata IV in B (Largo – Vivace – Menuet, Allegro assai)
Sonata V in g (Adagio Cantabile – Moderato – Giga, Allegro)
Sonata VI in G (Andante assai – Allegro – Aria)