Vivaldi, Antonio (1678–1741): Konzert Nr. 28 g-Moll RV 531
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for 2 violoncellos solo, 2 violins, viola & b. c., as Urtext edition edited by Markus Möllenbeck, piano reduction by Ulrich Lüdering. The editor intends to present a selection of the most important cello concertos in critical editions, and to show in this way the original form of the concerto. Up to now, there has been no practical performance material that satisfied a critical appraisal. In preparation are the solo concertos in D Minor RV 405, F Major RV 410, G Major RV 413, G Minor RV 417, A Minor RV 419, and B Minor RV 424. Series Il Violoncello concertato

Parts: Solo-3-2-1-2 Bassi

Score: EW865 • Set of parts: EW885 • Piano reduction: EW886