Barbarino, Bartolomeo (1568?–?): Il secondo libro delli motetti - Volume II

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for soprano (mezzosoprano) or tenor [c'–f''] & b. c., Venice 1615, in two volumes edited by Jolando Scarpa. Remarkable are the written-out original embellishments that are notated over an unornamented variant, and that in this way provide information about the art of diminution. With his music, Barbarino, called Il Pesarino, always searches for an expressive interpretation of the text, following in the footsteps of Caccini. However, the musical language of these motets is innovative enough on its own, for it transfers a number of the typical characteristics of the madrigal into sacred music. Series Voce divina

13 Motets, 60 pp.

„Highly recommended to students.“ EARLY MUSIC REVIEW (GB), 02/2014

„... ein aussergewöhnliches Dokument von hohem musikgeschichtlichem Interesse. Barbarino sucht mit seiner Musik stets eine expressive Textdeutung. Die Monodien sind durchwegs mittellagig.“ SCHWEIZER MUSIKZEITUNG, Nr. 05/2014