Opernchorstudien for soprano, contralto, tenor & bass - Verdi - Volume V, 121 pages

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The series “Opera Chorus Excerpts for Singers” is intended both for the training of opera chorus singers and as complete performing material for choirs. It contains all the recitatives and transitions that are important for the choir, in the respective original language of the opera. Ordered according to composer and provided with a piano reduction, these choral scores are elementary for music studies, an ideal preparation for auditions and rehearsals in opera houses, and an important source of literature for concert choirs. With “Opera Chorus Excerpts for Singers,” opera houses can (also) organize choral concerts on short notice without having to take recourse to expensive and difficult to obtain rental material. In comparison to the piano scores of the corresponding operas, these partial piano scores with all the choral passages are very reasonably priced. Custom-made editions of different choruses, above all for choral societies, are also available. The series is edited by Hellwart Matthiessen (German Opera Berlin) and Roberto Seidel (Municipal Theater Augsburg). Recommended by the “Vereinigung Deutscher Opernchöre” (Association of German Opera Choruses).

Volume V: La Traviata (Matthiessen), 121 pp. 

Volume Vl: Il Trovatore (Matthiessen), 116 pp. (EW83)

Volume VIII: Don Carlos, Aida (Seidel), 228 pp. (EW41)

„In einem sehr gut lesbaren, klaren und großen Notenbild sind die Chorstellen in Form eines Klavierauszugs wiedergegeben. Die Edition ist auch Amateurchören zu empfehlen, ebenso Gesangsstudierenden.“ PRAXISHANDBUCH CHORLEITUNG, 12/2003


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