Ulich, Johann (1677–1742): Sechs Sonaten
– Volume I (Sonatas I–III)

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Six Sonatas for recorder (transverse flute) & harpsichord, edited as facsimile and new edition by Paul Wåhlberg. The Sonatas by the Zerbst composer (born in Wittenberg) were composed for recorder and published in 1716 in Köthen. Only the Sixth Sonata in G Major could have been intended for the then increasingly popular transverse flute, since it clearly differs in various ways from the other five sonatas. The only completely preserved copy was recently discovered by Pavel Serbin in the Russian State Library in Moscow. A rewarding discovery of Central-German flute music. – CD recording by Paul Wåhlberg (Euridice EUCD 63). Series Recorders Library

• Volume I (Sonatas I–III): EW921


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„This six sonatas are of a high muscial quality and variety. ... and most of the sonatas sound difficult to play but in fact lie easily under the fingers. Overall, Ulich’s sonatas are a fantastic addition to the recorder repertoire and welcome alternative to Handel’s Sonatas for in-depth study and performance.“ THE RECORDER MAGAZINE (GB), Summer 2016