Dall’Abaco, Giuseppe Cl. (1710–1805): Complete Sonatas for Violoncello
Volume 4
8 Sonatas No. 32–39

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35 sonatas for cello and basso continuo, published as first edition in five volumes by Elinor Frey. The Canadian cellist Elinor Frey discovered this important collection of sonatas in The British Library that contains numerous pearls for the cello. She recorded a selection of the sonatas on CD: Passacaille.be, PAS1069 and was awarded with Diapason d’Or in July 2020. The composer's solo caprices (ABV1–11) has become an integral part of the repertoire (see DA211). Series Il Violoncello solo

Volume 4 • 8 Sonatas ABV 32–39

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