Lasso, Orlando di (1532–1594): 12 Cantiones sine textu

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arranged for 2 viole da gamba (violin and viola / viola and violoncello) by Adrian Wehlte, from "Novae Aliqvot et Ante Hac Ita …" (1577). Each of the twelve duets appears in two versions: the first with the original note values without ties, and a second version in today’s usual notation. It is worth becoming acquainted with both kinds of notation. Flautando Edition

„These works are available in several other editions, but the juxtaposition of „original“ and „modern“ notation is a real innovation and should allow the expansion o the range of ideas that can be thaught with the aid of this music.“ AUSTRALIAN VIOLA DA GAMBA NEWSLETTER, Summer 2017

„The pieces are challenging for a beginner or someone with little experience of playing with others. However if you enjoy playing real music but are not yet ready to play from the early notation of these pieces ... then this collection is worth having.“ THE VIOL (GB), Summer 2018

„So können die Stücke auch als Übung im Lesen fremder Schlüssel und als Studienmaterial für Notationsfragen im 16. Jh. verwendet werden. Dass die Musik großartig ist, steht außer Frage.“ ESTA-NACHRICHTEN, 80/2018