Susato, Tielmann (1510/1515–after 1570): Danserye – 6 Suites

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for 2 gambas (violoncellos, bassoons, trombones), edited and arranged by Dietmar Berger. In 1551 Susato published what was to become the best-known and most-popular dance collection of the era. The pieces, originally in four parts, have been arranged in six suites and reduced to two parts, corresponding to a common musical practice of the time. Series Collegium Musicum – Kölner Reihe Alter Musik

Suits 4–6, Volume 2 • EW1043

Suits 1–3, Volume 1 • EW1037

„These works are available in several other editions, but the juxtaposition of „original“ and „modern“ notation is a real innovation and should allow the expansion o the range of ideas that can be thaught with the aid of this music.“ AUSTRALIAN VIOLA DA GAMBA NEWSLETTER, Summer 2017

„Dass die Musik großartig ist, steht außer Frage. Übrigens eine hervorragende Blattspiel-Übung für letzte Stunden vor den Ferien oder ungeübte Kinder.“ ESTA-NACHRICHTEN, 80/2018