'T Uitnement Kabinet (Amsterdam 1646, 1649): 17 Works for Two Melody Instruments and Basso – Volume X

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for 2 recorders (violins, flutes, cornetti) & b. c., with works by Cornelis Jansz Helmbreker, Cornelis, Kist, and "I.H", second revised edition by Rudolf A. Rasch. Volume X contains trio sonates by Dutch composers. The prelude by Helmbreker is polyphonic in the Italian style, while the works by Kist and "I.H" are variations on well-known song and dance movements. Muziekuitgeverij Saul B. Groen

Volume X (68 pages)

 „Das ‘T Uitnement Kabinet stellt eine der bedeutendsten Musiksammlungen des 17. Jahrhunderts dar, etwa vergleichbar mit van Eycks Fluyten Lust-Hof. Diese Neuausgabe gehört definitiv in den Notenschrank eines jeden, der an Musik des 17. Jahrhunderts interessiert ist.“ Prof. Michael Schneider, TIBIA, 1/2019

„The parts are well within the sight-reading reach of intermediate players. Rasch has done an exemplary job of presenting the collection in a format that allows players to choose volumes appropriate to their musical „forces.“ AMERICAN RECORDER, Spring/2019

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