Französische Musik für 4 Gamben

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French Music for 4 Viols by Louis Couperin, du Mage, Danrieu and Gigault, arranged by Susanne Heinrich and Michael Lowe. This volume closes a gap in the French viola da gamba repertoire of the late seventeenth century. In the preface of an edition for keyboard instruments, several composers, such as Dumont, suggest that the work is also playable on viols. Series Collegium Musicum – Kölner Reihe Alter Musik

„One of the most useful aspects of this edition is the inclusion of two extra alternative parts allowing for flexible scoring. There’s a strong Italian influence in these pieces, which compare well with those of Banchieri and Frescobaldi. They are rhythmically complex, and the lowest line does need to tune down to a low C in Canzona 3. This is a very useful publication of worthwhile music and is certainly worthy of study performance.“ AUSTRALIAN VIOLA DA GAMBA NEWSLETTER, Summer 2017

„The stand-out piece here is the Pavane by Louis Couperin, which has a gravity and intensity that is wonderful. All in all, a very welcome and useful publication.“ THE VIOLA DA GAMBA SOCIETY OF GREAT BRITAIN NEWSLETTER No. 1/2018