Mr. Sanguinazzos Book of Exercises (ca. 1710):
36 Recercari

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for violoncello (viola da gamba) solo, arranged and edited by Dietmar Berger. We do not know nothing much about Nicolò Sanguinazzo. He has been identified by his handwriting as the copyist of quite a number of the pieces in the Estensian Music Collection (probably originates in Venice) which is archived in the Austrian National Library in Vienna. The present edition is not a literal transcription but represents the great opportunity to go through the meticulous technique of the subtle, graceful and cheerful Parlando-manner, the manifestation of the culture of the rococo and the galant Style. The 36 Recercari are also nice solo repertoire for a recital. Collegium Musicum – Kölner Reihe Alter Musik


„I enjoyed working my way through the 36 pieces several times. I decided that these issues would make very good material for discussions with students.  ... good parctising material. What about the music ? They are tuneful – many sounding almost like a movement from a sonata ... and many sounding like a bass part of a trio sonata ... highly recommended.“ THE VIOLA DA GAMBA SOCIETY OF GREAT BRITAIN, NEWSLETTER 06/2020