The Ruffo Music Book (17th century): 11 Sonatas and Sinfonias

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for bass viola da gamba (violoncello, violone) & b. c., edited as first edition by Fredrik Hildebrand. Preserved in the Royal Library in Stockholm is an important manuscript that probably belonged to Francesco Ruffo (1619–1704), the scion of a Calabrian noble family of which Queen Paola of Belgium is also a descendent. Series Collegium Musicum – Kölner Reihe Alter Musik

Volume 1 (I – V)

Also available:
Volume 2 (VI – XI), EW1025


„On the whole the music has a lot of variety, requires a fair bit of skill, and could provide a lot of pleasure.“ THE VIOLA DA GAMBA SOCIETY OF GREAT BRITAIN NEWSLETTER Autum 2017