Schop, Johann (ca. 1590–1667): 14 Works for Violin and Basso – Volume VIII

Schop, Johann (ca. 1590–1667): 14 Works for Violin and Basso – Volume VIII

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'T Uitnement Kabinet, volume VIII (Amsterdam 1646, 1649), 13 compositions by Johann Schop and one work by Louis Constantin, edited by Rudolf A. Rasch.

The ten volumes of the 'T Uitnement Kabinet published in a splendid edition with gold imprint also contain the solo pieces and triosonates from "Der Goden Fluit-hemel … " and once again show that Jacob van Eyck was one of the most prominent representatives of the Dutch flute school.

Volume 8 contains the highly important violin works by Johann Schop, which are regarded as the highlights of the North German violin school: 1. Praeludium (senza Basso), 2. Almande Mortiel, 3. Ballet, 4. Nobelman, 5. Courant, 6. Lachrime Pavaen, 7. Almande, 8. Pavaen de Spanje, 9. Spintsers Pavaen, 10. Koraelen, 11. Als Jupiter gedacht, 12. Sine titulo, 13. Nasce la pena mia, 14. Lavion (Louis Constantin).
Muziekuitgeverij Saul B. Groen

Volume VIII (112 pages)


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