Conti, Francesco (1681/82–1732): Cares when they’re over

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for soprano [f sharp’–f sharp’’], soprano recorder (violin), strings, & b.c., edited by Peter Thalheimer. Quantz called the Florence native Conti an imaginative and fiery, albeit at times a somewhat bizarre composer. This aria is taken from a pasticcio that presumably comes from the opera Clotilde. Series Recorders Library


„Here are three delightful Baroque arias (Conti, Pepusch: Chirping Warblers, Scarlatti: Quell' esser...) with charming sopranino obbligati, with pleasant and not difficult voice parts. You can play with or without the string parts by assigning some of them to the continuo or even, in two cases, other recorders! As usual with Walhall editions, the score and parts are beautifully presented.“ AMERICAN RECORDER, Summer 2017

„Der Vivaldi-nahe konzertante Stil dieser Allegro-Arie in D-Dur, die inhaltlich einen freudigen Durchbruch nach mühsamen Verwicklungen beschreibt, ist stilistisch recht avanciert und nimmt den Tonfall der Concerti von Woodcock, Babell und Baston vorweg.“ Prof. Michael Schneider in TIBIA, 1/2017