Hasse, Johann Adolph (1699–1783): Aria „L’augeletto in lacci stretta“

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for soprano [d’–b’’], viola da gamba concertata, 2 violins, & b. c., from the opera “Didione abbandonata”, edited as first edition by Simone Eckert. An interesting aspect of this contemporary anonymous arrangement, which was possibly inspired by Forqueray, is the similarity to Abel’s vocal work “Frena le belle lagrime”. The setting resembles Abel’s aria not only in terms of the gallant style, but also in the musical dialogue with the pulsating strings in the style of Italian opera. CD recording by the Hamburger Ratsmusik (cpo, Nr. 777 911-2). Series Hamburger Ratsmusik


"This is really charming music that deserves to be heard: if you don’t believe me, see this video on YouTube of soprano Graciela Gibelli singing and gambist Vittorio Ghielmi and the orchestra Il suonar parlante." AUSTRALIAN VIOLA DA GAMA SOCIETY, Newsletter Summer 2017

„This is a charming piece that attractively features both the soprano and the viol. The virtuoso gamba part, which requires only the top three strings, lies well on the instrument. This aria is a valuable addition to the growing available repertoire of the late Baroque and galant music.“ THE VdGSA NEWS (USA) 24/2017