Liebhold, N. N. († 1729): Vergnüglichkeit

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Cantata for alto [b flat(g)–c’’], 2 alto recorders & b. c., edited by Klaus Hofmann. This lovely little cantata about pleasurability does not give a hint of the mysteriousness that has always surrounded its composer. The only thing that is certain is that Liebhold was active in Thuringia around 1720. However, the transmission of his works shows that especially his church cantatas were quite popular in Central Germany at that time. Score and parts. Series Recorders Library

„Eine reizvolle Komposition des mitteldeutschen Hochbarock mit mäßigem technischen Anspruch in einer rundum für die praktische Arbeit mustergültigen Ausgabe!“ Prof. Michael Schneider, Tibia, 04/2017

„Liebhold sets is rather cleverly: the first, stanza, in praise of Vergnüglichkeit (Contentment), is a pleasant obbligato aria followed by a straightforward recitative of the second stanza expanding on the joys of inner contentment. The group that read this cantata found it fairly easy. ... is beautifuly and efficiently presented.“ AMERICAN RECORDER, Summer/2019