Wetzel, Justus Hermann (1879–1973): 42 Lieder nach Gedichten von Hermann Hesse - Volume 2 (36 pages)

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42 songs after lyrics by Hermann Hesse for medium–high voice [c’–a’’] & piano, edited as first edition by Klaus Martin Kopitz. Wetzel dedicated almost his entire oeuvre to the art song. He had influential supporters in Berlin’s musical life (later including Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau), but in 1937 was banned from making public appearances by the Nazis. Hesse regarded the present cycle higher than Richard Strauss’s Four Last Songs, which he found to be “extremely slick and sweet,” and admitted: “Every one of your songs is much more to my liking.” Wetzel is considered the “perhaps last important representative of the art song oriented on Classical and Romantic forms.” Musikverlag Saier & Hug

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