‘T Uitnement Kabinet (Amsterdam 1646, 1649): 9 Pieces by Italian Composers for 2 high instruments and Basso – Volume IX

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for 2 recorders (violins, transverse flutes, cornetti) and b. c. from Tarquinio Merula and Bernardo Barlasca, edited by Rudolf A. Rasch. Merula's "'t Hane en 't Henne-gekray" as well as Barlasca's eight Fantasias were composed as sonatas da chiesa. Muziekuitgeverij Saul B. Groen

Volume IX (76 pages)

„Das ‘T Uitnement Kabinet stellt eine der bedeutendsten Musiksammlungen des 17. Jahrhunderts dar, etwa vergleichbar mit van Eycks Fluyten Lust-Hof. Diese Neuausgabe gehört definitiv in den Notenschrank eines jeden, der an Musik des 17. Jahrhunderts interessiert ist.“ Prof. Michael Schneider, TIBIA, 1/2019

„The parts are well within the sight-reading reach of intermediate players. Rasch has done an exemplary job of presenting the collection in a format that allows players to choose volumes appropriate to their musical „forces.“ AMERICAN RECORDER, Spring/2019

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