Wilbert, Hermann-Josef (*1933): 15 Russian Folk Songs

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arranged for two recorders (SA) by Hermann-Josef Wilbert. The volume contains the folk songs: 1. Melodie, 2. Melodie, 3. Katjuscha, 4. Lied der Taiga, 5. Melodie, 6. Abendglocken, 7. Zigeunerjunge, 8. Sascha, 9. Kosakenlied, 10. Petruschka, 11. Birkenbaum, 12. Lied der Wolgaschlepper, 13. Auf der Wolga, 14. Auf der Kasanka, 15. Kalinka. Flautando Edition

„The individual songs in both editions are quite charming – tuneful and not difficult to play.  Either of these would make a nice addition to the libraries of players who are interested in and/or experienced with folm music.“ AMERICAN RECORDER, Spring/2019