Bartók, Béla (1881–1945): 7 Rumanian Folk Dances

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arranged for recorder ensemble (SnSAATTBSb) by Ferdinand Gesell. Originally composed for chamber orchestra sounds this colored dances also fine with recorders(orchestra). Content: 1. Joc cu bata, 2. Braul, 3. Pe loc, 4. Buciumeana, 5. Poarga Romaneasca, 6. Maruntel (1), 7. Maruntel (2). Flautando Edition

„Das Ergebnis dieser Arbeit ist eine sicher lohnende, spritzige Aufführung. Eine interessante und das Repertoire bereichernde Ausgabe!“ TIBIA, 4/2019

„While this music is fun to listen to, playing it is far from easy. ... the spirit of the music is more important than the exact correctness of the notes, a suggestion that I was very grateful for.“ AMERICAN RECORDER, Winter/2022