Rebel, Jean-Ferry (1666–1747): Les Éléments – Score (facsimile & new edition)

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Rebels Orchestra Suite (Durata: 25'') is an outstanding new music in the 18th century, edited as facsimile and new edition by Stefan Fuchs. We offer a chamber music version, called "Petit Choeur", and a version for chamber orchestra with the Hautes-contres ("Grand Choeur"). The set of parts of the "Grand Choeur" contains: 5 violins I, 4 violins II, 6 Haute-Contres et Tailles (viols I+II), 6 b. c. (violoncello, double bass), flutes 1+2, oboes 1+2, bassoons 1+2, horn, trumpet, harpsichord (= score). The set of parts of the "Petit Choeur" contains: 1 violin I, 1 violin II, 2 flutes, 2 b. c., harpsichord (= score). Series Magdeburger Faksimile Offizin. The Grand Choeur-Set content the parts: 5 x violin 1, 4 x violin 2, 6 x Haute-Contres et Tailles (viols 1+2), 6 x b. c. (violoncello, double bass), flutes 1+2, oboes 1+2, bassoon 1+2, horn, trumpet, harpsichord. The Petit Choeur-Set for chamber music ensembles content the parts: one copy each 1 x violin 1, violin 2, 2 flutes, harpsichord, 2 x b. c.

„So bietet diese Ausgabe eine geradezu beispielhafte Arbeitsgrundlage. Eigentlich müssten alle Ausgaben älterer Musik so ausgestattet sein!“ DAS ORCHESTER 12/2006

„Der Notendruck ist excellent und ebenso übersichtlich wie praktisch.“ ENSEMBLE, 01/2008


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