Händel, Georg Friedrich (1685– 1759):
The Sonatas for Recorder
Volume IV

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complete edition in four volumes for recorder & b. c, edited by Michael Schneider and Panagiotis Linakis. The present new edition of Handel’s recorder sonatas differs from earlier publications primarily in the way in which the basso continuo is realized, which is by no means ‘in the simplest possible form’ but takes into account current knowledge about the art of the basso continuo accompaniment in Handel’s time. Like with few other compositions of the High Baroque, the variety of the structures and progressions indicated by the bass, and their compositional realization on a keyboard instrument is evidently fundamental to the idea of these sonatas.

Volume IV: HWV 369, 377

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„Als Anregung für alle, die lernen wollen, wie farbig und abwechslungsreich stilgerechtes Generalbassspiel sein kann, werden sich die insgesamt vier Bände dieser Edition aber gewiss großer Beliebtheit erfreuen.“ WINDKANAL, 3/2019