Händel, Georg Friedrich (1685–1759): 12 Kasseler Sonaten
- Sonatas 9–12

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for viola da gamba & b. c., edited by Leonore and Günter von Zadow. These twelve sonatas are from an anonymous manuscript in the Kassel University Library. The title of the manuscript describes them as viola da gamba sonatas. By means of handwriting comparisons, the Handel scholar Graham Pont came to the conclusion that the Kassel manuscript was scribed by William Babell, George Frideric Handel's main copyist. Pont is therefore convinced that the sonatas are the work of the young Handel. The music is catchy, varied, dance-like, well-structured, and has a lively bass that corresponds well to the melody part. Edition Güntersberg

• Sonatas 1–4: G269
• Sonatas 5–8: G270 
• Sonatas 9–12: G271