Lipstein, Manuel (*2001): Two Scenes

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for recorder solo. "Two Scenes" were composed in the autumn of 2017. In 2018 the composition was awarded Germany’s most prestigious composition prize at the national “Jugend komponiert” competition, and was premiered by Elisabeth Wirth and Max Volbers. This was followed by broadcasts on Hessian Radio and further successful performances. A very special honor was the nomination in February 2019 of the Two Pieces to be the required piece at the European Recorder Players Society’s youth competition in Bolzano. Watch on Youtube.

„I found this a highly enjoyable, fresh-sounding composition of high intermedaite level. The investment in study required of the performer will certainly pay off for performer and audience alike.“ AMERICAN RECORDER, Spring/2021

„Ein Lob außerdem an den jungen Komponisten, der es schafft, ganz ohne Legende auszukommen und dessen Noten trotzdem nicht überladen wirken, da er sich außer „klassischen“ Effekten wie Flatterzunge und Sputato keiner weiteren ausgefallenen Mittel bedienen muss, um sein Idee deutlich und überzeugend darzustellen.“ Windkanal, 02/2022