Schultze, Johann Christian (ca. 1740): Concert B flat-Major

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for alto recorder, 2 violins, viola, & b. c. (Durata: 17’), edited as first edition by Klaus Hofmann. This late-Baroque concerto is a sibling work of the well-known G-Major Concerto for recorder by J. C. Schultze. The composer, who as a result of being confused with a younger Berlin composer of the same name has been assigned to the generation of J. Haydn and J. C. Bach, was presumably born ca. 1700. Probably a recorder player himself, the composer virtually custom-tailored the solo part for the instrument, but the technical difficulties are by no means excessive. A very interesting enrichment to the recorder repertoire. Series Recorders Library

• Score (48 pages): EW986
• Set of parts: EW987
• Piano reduction: EW990


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