Van Eyck, Jacob (1589/90–1657): Der Fluyten Lust-Hof

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„vol psalmen, paduanen, allemanden, couranten, balletten, airs ...“, 1649 and 1654, facsimile of the two editions, edited by Kees Otten. After more than 20 years out of print, this legendary facsimile – unlike the Fuzeau edition (Méthodes & Traités) – represents the complete and corrected print from the Toonkunstbibliotheek Amsterdam. This magnum opus is a real must-have for every flute player. 352 pages. Muziekuitgeverij Saul B. Groen

„Early notation enthusiasts, ere is one for you! ... now available in facsimile, after many years of being out of print. Every thing is written in G clef, but with a bit of parctice even those with minimal familiarty with original notations could master this, especially if you have a modern edition for comparison.“ AMERICAN RECORDER, Summer/2019