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Abel, Carl Friedrich (1732–1787): Die 2. Pembroke-Sammlung
for viola da gamba & b.c. and viola da gamba & violoncello from the Kulukundis collection, edited by Thomas Fritzsch. The Second Pembroke Collection consists of four duets and ten sonatas for viola da gamba and Bc that were written for the Countess of Pembroke. To distinguish it from the Pembroke Collection, which has been known for a long time, the manuscript collection British Library Add. MSS 31697 has been designated by the editor as the Second Pembroke Collection. In contrast to the first collection, it contains demanding works that presumably stem from Abel’s late period. Edition Güntersberg

Solo Sonatas 3–7: G253, € 21.50
Solo Sonatas 8–10 & 13–14: G254, € 21.50


Bach, Carl Philipp Emanuel (1714–1788): Konzert für Violoncello A-Dur Wq 172
Concert for violoncello solo, 2 violins, viola, & b.c., edited by Markus Möllenbeck, piano reduction by Ulrich Lüdering. This outstanding concerto (duration: 20’), which marks a high point in Bach’s sensitive style, was composed in Berlin in 1753 and has enjoyed great popularity in recent years also among modern cellists. The editor presents for the first time a new critical edition based on the sources in Brussels and Stockholm. Series Il Violoncello concertato

• NEW: Piano reduction: EW812, € 19.80
Score (56 p.): EW793, € 29.80
Set of parts: EW490, € 43.50


Clérambault, Nicolas (1676–1749): Simphonia Va – Chaconne
for violin & b.c., edited as first edition by Jolando Scarpa. The Chaconne is from the composite manuscript Recueil de sonates et de différentes pièces formerly owned by the composer Sébastien De Brossard. A charming piece full of verve and esprit in which the variations change with the same playful lightness as in Clérambault’s famous Pièces d’orgue. Series Frutti Musicali

EW943, € 11.50


Haussmann, Valentin (~1560–ca. 1612): Phantasia à 4 & Fuga I–II
for four-part consort (Nuremberg 1602–1604), edited by Günter and Leonore von Zadow. Joyous music for gamba or recorder consort. Edition Güntersberg

G261, € 16.50


Jacquet de la Guerre, Elisabeth (1665–1729): Lisle de Délos
Cantata for soprano [d’–a’’], violin, flute, oboe, viola da gamba, & b.c., edited by Cedric Lee. This important French cantata from the composer’s third book of cantatas (1715) contains eleven movements, including a “muzette,” a nightingale aria, a chaconne, and an instrumental introduction. Jacquet de la Guerre was held in high regard at the French court as a composer and singer. Green Man Press

Gue1, € 24.50


Schmelzer, Johann Heinrich (~1620–1680): Ciaccona in A
for violin & b.c., edited by Markus Eberhardt. This ciaccona from Emperor Charles I’s so-called bedroom library, which contained the ruler’s favorite works, remained unnoticed until now. Composed in 1669, the ciaccona is not overly difficult in terms of technique. – CD recording by Helene Schmitt (Alpha). First edition, Series Harmonia Coelestis

EW648, € 10.00


Ulich, Johann (1677–1742): Sechs Sonaten

Six Sonatas for recorder (transverse flute) & harpsichord, edited as facsimile and new edition by Paul Wåhlberg. The Sonatas by the Zerbst composer (born in Wittenberg) were composed for recorder and published in 1716 in Köthen. Only the Sixth Sonata in G Major could have been intended for the then increasingly popular transverse flute, since it clearly differs in various ways from the other five sonatas. The only completely preserved copy was recently discovered by Pavel Serbin in the Russian State Library in Moscow. A rewarding discovery of Central-German flute music. – CD recording by Paul Wåhlberg (Euridice EUCD 63).

Volume I (Sonatas I–III): EW921, € 19.80
• Volume II (Sonatas IV–VI): EW942 in preparation

Vivaldi, Antonio (1678–1741): Concerto C-Dur RV 447
for oboe, strings, & b.c., edited after the manuscript of Alessandro Bares, Torino. Score and parts. Musedita

MU23, € 19.80


Volckmar, Tobias (1678–1756): Ich will den Herren loben allezeit
Sacred concert for soprano, transverse flute (alto recorder), 2 violins, viola, & b.c., edited by Klaus Hofmann. This work is preserved in the Saxon State Library in Dresden and is intended for the Feast of the Visitation (2 July).

Score and parts: EW930, € 17.50


Volckmar, Tobias (1678–1756): Lobet den Herren, ihr seine Engel
Sacred concert for soprano, trumpet, 2 violins, viola, & b.c., edited by Klaus Hofmann. This work is preserved in the Saxon State Library in Dresden and is intended for Michaelmas (29 September). Series Monarca della Tromba – Musik der Fürstenhöfe

Score and parts: EW818, € 18.50
• NEW:
Edition for soprano, trumpet & piano/organ: EW938, € 14.80

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