Shipping & Returns

Postage and packing charges are not included. Musikverlag Edition Wallhall gladly accepts orders from all around the globe. Shipping rates and fees may vary depending on the deliver address for your order (1 kg approx. EUR 8,50). Please contact us for more information about the forwarding charges of your order: Tel. +49-391-85 78 20, Fax +49-391-8 52 00 79 or by e-mail

For foreign customers prepayment by credit card is requested; we accept Visa and MasterCard.

Payment by Visa or MasterCard Please tell us the following credit card information: number, expire date and card verification code (3 no. on the backside of the card at the end of the signature field). ATTENTION: Our website has no secure socket layer or any other cryptographic system to transmit your data securely! If you feel uncomfortable using our direct on-line ordering system for security reasons, please call our phone number +49-391-85 78 20 or send us your credit card information by fax +49-391-8 52 00 79.

The goods shipped remain the property of Musikverlag Edition Walhall until all amounts receivable from the customer have been paid in full.


EDITION WALHALL - Verlag Franz Biersack Magdeburg
Richard-Wagner-Straße 3, D-39106 Magdeburg/Germany
Tel. +49-391-85 78 20, Fax +49-391-8 52 00 79, e-mail:

Free shipment to any EU-Country from 150, - € value of goods.

To view the shipping costs, please select the destination country for your order.

Standard Shipping Germany

The shipping charges are calculated according to the weight and the country in which the delivery is to take place. The delivery service is selected by us individually.

Calculation Total price
to 0,50 KG 2,40 EUR
from 0,50 to 1,00 KG 3,40 EUR
from 1,00 to 2,00 KG 6,80 EUR
from 2,00 to 3,00 KG 6,80 EUR
from 3,00 to 10,00 KG 7,80 EUR
from 10,00 to 20,00 KG 8,80 EUR
from 20,00 to 31,50 KG 9,80 EUR
from 31,50 KG - No Shipping -


The order can be picked up free of charge from the publisher – Richard-Wagner-Straße 3, D-39106 Magdeburg/Germany. Please contact us beforehand.

Calculation Total price per item
from 1.0000 to 500.0000 item 0,00 EUR
from 500.0000 item - No Shipping -