Kempff, Wilhelm (1895-1991): Te Deum op. 26 - score

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for choir, brass (4 trumpets, 4 trombones), timpani & organ from 1925/26, after the autograph edited by Hans Peter Eisenmann (Durata: 25''). The now for the first time printed sacred music and piano songs of the world-famous pianist Wilhelm Kempff are a real enrichment. Kempff got ahead as a great composer and organist in his youth. But later this wasn’t kept in mind in favour of the piano playing of Kempff. The Te Deum was composed for the very famous Berliner Singakademie and was performed frequently.

"Kempffs Te Deum ist ein herrliches Werk im spätromantischen Stil." MUSIK UND GOTTESDIENST (Schweiz), 3/2001

"Wilhelm Kempff? Genau - der Beethoven-Pianist, der (...) über eine immense Kompositionsbegabung verfügte. Die Entdeckung des Werks lohnt jedoch  die Ausgabe ist vorbildlich."  PRAXISHANDBUCH CHORLEITUNG, 4/2001


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