Dreyer, Johann Melchior (1747–1824): Six Sonates Concertants
– Sonaten I–II (C & F Major)

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pour le Clavecin ou le Forte Piano et Violoncelle, edited in three volumes by Leonore and Günter von Zadow. Dreyer was a well-known organist and composer in Ellwangen, Swabia. His numerous church music works were published in Augsburg during his lifetime and widely distributed and held in high regard in Central Europe and beyond until the middle of the nineteenth century. The present early classical sonatas (ca. 1786) have an optimistic character, catchy melodies, and harmonic lightness. Edition Güntersberg

• Sonaten I–II (C & F Major): G262
• Sonaten III–IV (D & A Major): G263
• Sonaten V–VI (G & B Major): G264