Cimino, Donato (~1675 Neapel): Toccate per Organo di varij autori
- Volume III (Frescobaldi, Pasquini et al.)

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for organ (or harpsichord), edited by Jolando Scarpa. A unique Neapolitan manuscript collection with works by Ansalone, Cimino, Frescobaldi, Macque, Pasquini (Ercole, even more important than his brother), and others. Unusual titles, movement names, and commentaries make these examples of southern Italian music - with a number of short canzonas, organ Masses, and toccatas - so remarkable. Hitherto unpublished. Only W. Appel discussed the pieces copied by Cimino as well as Cimino''s own compositions in his 1962 bibliography. First edition in 4 Volumes, series Frutti Musicali

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