Klaus, Sabine: Studien zur Entwicklungsgeschichte besaiteter Tasteninstrumente bis etwa 1830

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Tübinger Beiträge zur Musikwissenschaft Nr. 16. This book deals in detail with piano construction up to 1830, and above all with that of the fortepiano. It is based on a detailed evaluation of the holdings of Munich’s Municipal Museum. The data of the four catalogue volumes is summarized and analyzed. Taking into account contemporary sources on piano construction, the development lines above all of the English and South-German fortepiano are worked out and brought into relationship to the clavichords and harpsichords that preceded it. Besides the most pertinent biographical data of the instrument makers, a unique glossary of the most important terminology from the field of instrument making is included in the extensive appendix. Reduced remainders (original € 68.00), linen, 443 pages, Verlag Hans Schneider