Abel, Carl Friedrich (1732–1787):
Prussian Symphony No. 1–3

Set of parts Symphony No. 3

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WKO 37–39, for 2 oboes, 2 horns and strings, edited by Günter von Zadow. Abel wrote a total of 46 symphonies, 40 of which appeared in print in the 18th century. The six late symphonies, which were not printed at the time, are the subject of this publication. Michael O'Loghlin writes in his introduction: "Mozart copied Abel’s Symphony in E flat, op. 7 no. 6, which was long thought to be Mozart's own work. Abel’s style shows surprising similarities to Mozart’s: above all, the apparently endless resource of charming melodies. With their skilful use of passing dissonances, many of Abel’s melodies are quite similar to Mozart’s. . . . Like any significant composer, Abel has some aspects in common with his contemporaries, and some which are uniquely his own; and all of them are well worth finding and enjoying." Set of parts: strings each 2 x, except viola 1 x – Additional string parts on request. Edition Güntersberg

Set of parts Symphony No. 3


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