Abel, Carl Friedrich (1723–1787): Three Sonatas (Maltzan II)

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in C minor A2:55A, G minor A2:56A, A minor A2:57A, for viola da gamba & basso, edited as first edition by Sonia Wronkowska. The Maltzan Collection is a trove of manuscripts made up of thirty for the most part unknown works for viola da gamba in the holdings of the library of Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan, Poland. Twenty-eight of the works are by Carl Friedrich Abel – including a number of autographs – and one each by Johann Christian Bach and Andreas Lidl. The viola da gamba sonatas by Abel in the Maltzan Collection are musically mature pieces that throw a new light on Abel’s compositional artistry. For the most part, they pose greater challenges for the player than the previously known sonatas from Abel’s time in London. Edition Güntersberg

Volume II

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