Hely, Benjamin (?–1699): Six Sonatas

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for 2 violas da gamba & b. c., edited by Leonore and Günter von Zadow. Benjamin Hely was a viola da gamba player, who was active until his death in 1699. He is known through his suites in “The Compleat Violist”, a viola da gamba method that was printed in London in 1699. Hely’s Six Sonatas for two violas da gamba and basso continuo, which also can be played by 3 viols alone, display compositional similarities to Purcell’s trio sonatas. Hely wrote idiomatically for the viola da gamba, so that with 3 bass viols a pleasant, rich, and harmonious sound results, such as that we know, for example, from the sonatas of Michael Nicolai. Edition Güntersberg

Sonatas IV–VI

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