Jelic, Vinco (1596-1636): Vier Ricercare

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for cornett (or violin), trombone (or viola da gamba) & b. c., edited by Dr. Konrad Ruhland. In his opus primum Parannia Militia, Strasbourg 1622 (mostly sacred concertos) we will find this four Ricercare for cornetto and trombone without basso continuo. Some years ago the editor found in the "Stadt- und Universtitätsbibliothek Frankfurt/Main" a continuo part to this music. There are written also the alternative parts for violin and viola da gamba. Series Monarca della Tromba - Musik der Fürstenhöfe

"(...) zwei hochwertige Ausgaben [Rittler und Jelic] klangvoller Musik vor." forum kirchenmusik 2/2003


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