Telemann, Georg Philipp (1681-1767): Sonate c-Moll - "Harrach-Sonate Nr. 1"

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for recorder & b. c., edited by Brian Clark. This Sonata, which is attributed to Telemann, is kept in the Austrian State Archive and was filed in the private archive of the Harrach family belonging to Austrian nobility before that. Telemann''s authorship isn''t absolutely certain  he was named on a copy of an unknown scribe. However, this brilliant music should be discovered. First edition with Facsimile. Series Magdeburger Telemann Edition

„This modern edition by Brian Clark has been well-researched. The score is very clean with a straightforward figured-bass realisation and Clark has left any ornamentation and performance directions up th the musicians.“ THE RECORDER MAGAZINE (GB), 7/2011


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