Abel, Carl Friedrich (1723–1787): Seven Berlin Trios

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for 2 transverse flutes and basso, AbelWV C52–58, edited by Leonore and Günter von Zadow. Five of the trios are for two flutes and bass while in the others the second part is for violin. The trios are still more rooted in the Baroque era than the later compositions from Abel’s London period, but they also show clear characteristics of ‘Empfindsamkeit’. Trio No. 5 takes on a special position, for there is also a copy of it attributed to Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach, which contains a completely different middle movement. The individual trios are of medium difficulty. Edition Güntersberg

Trio No. 6 for transverse flute, violin and basso (in G major) & No. 7 for 2 transverse flutes and basso (in G major)