Wilbert, Hermann-Josef (*1933):
10 Italian Folk Songs

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arranged for two recorders (SA) by Hermann-Josef Wilbert. The volume contains the folk songs: 1. Tarantella, 2. Fidelin, 3. Tiritomba, 4. Santa Lucia, 5. Wir zogen in das Feld, 6. L’inverno e passato, 7. Giovanottina, che vieni alla fonte, 8. Bella bimba, 9. De saturre su forti, 10. Rundadinella. Flautando Edition

„This songs are quite delightful – tuneful, pleasing and fun to play. They would make excellent concert pieces. For those interested in international folk music, this is an edition that can be highly recommended.“ AMERICAN RECORDER, Summer/2023