Baeté, Thomas: The Natural Violist

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15 essential exercises for the Viol, design and illustrations by Bram Ollieuz. The Natural Violist is a stunning little book (in English), that by its beauty and clarity, tries to seduce viol players to keep building and strengthening their basic techniques. Each of the 15 chapters presents one specific technical aspect of viol playing by means of a simple exercise, followed by variations that become gradually more and more challenging. What makes this exercise book extra compelling is the way graphic designer Bram Ollieuz crafted a precious, tasteful look and feel that brings the practicing mind to a place of concentration, patience and curiosity. Included in the book is a QR code that sends users to a website, where they can see the author himself perform every exercise. A must have on every viol player's music stand! 76 pages

„In neun Kapiteln zur linken Hand und sechs Einheiten zur Bogentechnik wird jeweils ein technischer Aspekt herausgegriffen, in einer einfachen Übung vorgestellt und mit Tipps ergänzt, dann um zunehmend anspruchsvolle Variationen ausgeweitet. Sehr launig ist die graphische Aufbereitung: Das Büchlein kommt daher wie das Faksimile eines historischen Notendruckes, imitiert vergilbtes Papier, alte Drucktypen samt Iinitialien ... mit jeweils zum Thema passenden Tierbildern.“ ESTA-NACHRICHTEN, 11/2022