Kronseder, Verena (*1969): Manual for playing the viola da gamba

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Suggestions for technical and musical work. The ‘Handbook’ is aimed at advanced musicians who want to work intensively on their instrumental technique and thus improve and expand their musical expression. In accordance with the original literature, the bass viol takes centre stage. The aim of the practice process is to overcome technical limits and balance relaxation and strength. This requires precise knowledge of physical and mental correlations. In addition to technical expertise, background knowledge is also required: how can viola da gamba music be appropriately designed, what do the gambists, composers and music theorists of the 16th to 18th centuries tell us in their treatises and compositions? How can we translate these insights into sound and find the ‘spirit’ that lies within the music? With numerous exercises, movement experiments and sample analyses the ‘Handbook’ invites you to think through the current work programme, to practise in a sensibly structured way and to bring the music to life. In German, 230 pages with numerous colour photos.