Bach, Johann Sebastian (1685 – 1750): Six Suites BWV 1007–12

Print version of the accompanying scholarly publication

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Print version of the accompanying scholarly publication, 162 pages in German (with 8 pages in colour), Special offer !

"Does this edition offer new insights compared to previous editions? Definitely yes! In contrast to all previous editions, Seeberg attempts to reconstruct Bach's presumed original manuscripts on the basis of sources A and B in particular, whereby he attaches greater importance to the Kellner version than most other editors. Seeberg's approach is daring, but can be considered successful, as it is based on musicological meticulousness, intensive study of the manuscripts and early prints as well as numerous cross-references to other historical sources. The two playing scores and the critical score offer texts of the cello suites that have never been available before. Despite the extensive theoretical "apparatus" accompanying this edition, the player feels free and inspired. A formidable publication!" DAS ORCHESTER 2/2024

„Die in dieser Ausgabe so eindrucks- und bedeutungsvoll herausgestellte Herangehensweise an die sehr unterschiedlichen Quellen ist einerseits sehr verdienstvoll. Andererseits entspricht sie für mich eher einem wissenschaftlichen Denken seit dem 20 Jahrhundert, das zunehmend Normen kategorisiert und eine lebendige Anschauung und Empfindungsfähigkeit von körperlichen, sinnlichen und seelisch-geistigen Kategorien vernachlässigt.“ ESTA-NACHRICHTEN, 03/2024


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